Mortal Kombat

"A genre-defining fighting game franchise"

Mortal Kombat is a long-lasting series of games that changed fighting games permanently. The first game was created in 1992 by Acclaim software for 16-bit consoles, Amiga commodore computers and PC's. Mortal Kombat broke the monopoly Asian fighting games had at that time and became a huge hit. It was also a highly controversial game because it had brutal finishing moves and lots of blood and gore. The game was also tactical as it required from players to carefully plan and time their attacks. Mortal Kombat had dozens of nicely balanced characters that were digitally scanned real actors who were added to the game. The second game was also very popular, with more polished graphics and increased roster of playable characters. However, it was Mortal Kombat 3 that garnered a huge planetary success and instant recognition. With huge number of playable fighters, plenty of new and original fighting moves, and destructible arenas, Mortal Kombat 3 received positive reviews and world-wide acceptance. After the third game, the franchise slowly retreated in quality and importance with the arrival of 3D fighting games on next-generation consoles. Mortal Kombat 4 had a disappointing graphic presentation and clumsy game mechanics and was quickly forgotten. Other Mortal Kombat games such as Deadly Alliance, Deception and Armageddon, while decent, never achieved the popularity of the first trilogy. With a new Mortal Kombat which is stated for release in April 2011, things look very promising for the revival of this franchise. With the new technology and old but fun gameplay, new Mortal Kombat looks like it will fulfill the promises given to the MK craving fans.

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